Thermo-auricular Treatment or Hopi Ear Candle Therapy has been used over generations by a variety of civilizations and cultures. Causing a massage-like effect on the eardrum, softening and loosening wax and stimulating the lymph and circulation systems, and has been used to treat

• earache
• headache
• ear noise/tinnitus
• pressure imbalance
• allergic reactions like hay fever
• sinus problems
• stress relief and relaxation

Thermal-auricular treatment (hoppy ear candles)
Hopi candles are specialised, scented, hollow wax candles, which are put into the ear and lit. When the smoke from the candle starts to move, it creates a vibration on the eardrum which causes a vacuum in the ear canal. This creates a pleasant feeling of warmth and helps balance the inner ear fluid and ear pressure.

Many frequent flyers find a Hopi treatment an ideal preventive and antidote to flight-induced ear problems.

A very safe, traditional treatment, there is no danger from hot wax and Alison's reassuring presence is with you throughout the process!

Please contact Alison if you want further information.