Many people have heard of Myofascial Release or MFR but are not sure what it is or what it involves. It is a gentle but powerful hands-on and self-treatment program that works with the Fascia, which can be the cause many chronic pain conditions that have not responded well to standard medical approaches.
Fascia has been the long forgotten about structure within the body so much so that medical students while doing anatomy classes view it as “white stuff that fills the spaces between the interesting structures like muscles and bones”. But it is the main connective tissue of the body which wraps around and through all body structures including muscles/tendons ligaments, bones, organs, nerves, and blood vessels. It forms a 3D web that runs throughout the body and is the main source of structural support and it also plays an important part in communicating and the maintaining chronic pain conditions.
Sometimes restrictions can occur within the fascia which can cause pain and difficulty in movement either locally or referred to other areas and can contribute to many things such as headaches or plantar fasciitis. There are many causes of restrictions from sitting in one position for too long and poor posture. To an accident, injury or surgery leaving scar tissue or adhesion's. Working with us gives you the best start because we can explain what fascia is and does, we can create a tailored program based around your needs from hands on treatment to self-care using a ball, foam roller or peanut roller, either in person, on-line or in a class.