is a very flexible treatment which can be tailored to a client's specific needs. The treatment can concentrate on specific trouble spots or can be a whole body experience.

In all types of massage therapy, the intention is to relax the soft tissues, increase delivery of blood and oxygen to the massaged areas, warm them, and help the body to relax.

In a typical massage therapy session, Alison will discuss symptoms, medical history and the desired results. Alison generally performs some evaluation through touch before beginning the massage.

Oil or powder help reduce friction on the skin and she may use other aids, such as ice, heat, fragrances, or machines.

Massage may be found to bring relief from everyday aches, reduce stress, increase relaxation, address feelings of anxiety and tension, and aid general wellness. It can also be used in support of other therapies to assist in the rehabilitation of muscular injuries.

Massage for Mums-to-be

During pregnancy your body goes through tremendous changes, both physical and emotional. Therapeutic massage specifically designed for Mums-to-be focuses on those changes and they can help reduce stress, ease discomfort and promote your general well-being.

How can massage for mums-to-be help me?

  • Reduce backache, and ease other general aches and pains caused by pregnancy
  • Reduce your blood pressure & fluid retention
  • Easing muscle discomfort such as cramping, tightening, stiffness & tension
  • Ease headaches & sinus congestion Improve your circulation & your mood
  • Lessen sciatic pain
  • Stress relief both physical & emotional such as muscle fatigue, relief for weight bearing joints, anxiety & trepidation caused by hormonal changes
  • Enhance the health & nutrition of your skin
  • Enhanced oxygen & nutrients to your baby Boosts your energy levels

Discuss your particular needs with Alison and she will be happy to make suggestions.
Indian Head Massage

Please contact Alison for further details.


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